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Monday, June 11, 2012

Improve Your Credit Score In 24 Hours?

If you are like lots of people these days, you are thinking of shopping for a new home or new vehicle loan. Why? Because interest rates are still the lowest they have been in 40 years, and now is a better time than any to get financing.
I just bought an RV myself, and I remember the nervous feeling while they pulled my credit score at the dealer. 668 *whew*. Not bad as it turns out.
Many people don’t plan ahead and pick up their credit score before shopping for a loan to get the best credit possible. A lower credit score (one below 620 or even 650) can mean the highest interest rate and highest monthly payments. A score of above 720 means the lowest rates possible. Having the best credit score you can have means saving thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. How can you raise your credit score in a quick period of time, and save?
There are several ways to improve your credit score in just a day, or even hours. One is called the "rapid rescore" process, offered through your mortgage officer only, by a company called Access. With this system, you must do legwork to change your credit report contents yourself.. So for instance, you might
have to pay off certain collections or liens and call the credit bureau to change your credit report contents. The rapid rescore process gives your credit score a second look within a day or two so that any improvements will show on your second credit score. The drawbacks of this process if you can only do it through a mortgage broker, and also, you must have something that you can improve quickly on your report such as paying off a collection or a card balance.
Another way to improve your credit score quickly is to use techniques to temporarily "bump up" your credit score. I talk about these in my ebook "Improve Your Credit Score In 24 Hours". I also provide special phone and fax number info for credit bureaus. Depending on
which creditors and credit bureaus you use you can many times cause your credit a temporary "boost". Techniques like this are a great "survival skill" in your credit career. I think they are the best because they work no matter what's on your
credit report.
People are getting more financial savvy these days with gurus like Suze Orman telling folks about their FICO scores (another term for credit scores). I
think it is good because having credit knowledge before you make large purchases for things like homes or cars can save you thousands of dollars and put more money where it belongs, your investment future.

Good luck with Improving your Credit Score!

L. K. Hughes is a Credit Repair Specialist and the
author of Improve Your Credit Score in 24 Hours

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  • Hello,

    I just wanted to let you know that while using my google mail account, I saw your adword advertisement about how to improve my credit in 24 hours. I was so inspired that I purchased your ebook from clicking on your ad that was shown directly in my email! I just wanted to thank you for creating your adword, because I would have never found your ebook!

    I'm currently suffering from poor credit, because of my delinquencies over the last 2 years with 2 loans (car, consolidation) and 2 credit cards (mbna, american eagle). The american eagle card has a status of "charge off" that I want to try and have deleted, but I don't know how to since the account is closed. Does it matter? Should I still follow the steps under tip 12 since my account has a status of charge off?

    My FICO score was 490 in April. It is now 523 as of May 19, because I used $1,800+ from my savings to catch me up to my monthly payments to tackle my $4,300 MBNA credit balance. (Credit limit is $2,500) I paid an additional $350 to my MBNA card in May and $100 in June. (My new minium is $53. -- APR is 19.98%) and pulled a report on June 21, but unfortunately my report does not show my latest May payments and thus no increase in my score just yet. (The June payment won't show up until July when the payment is due, which I've already paid.) Although the mbna card was closed by the merchant, but not charged off -- i guess having this bill for me to pay each month in large doses will help me a lot. When I called MBNA today they said I will see a change at the end of the month, because they alert the 3 credit bureaus once a month. Once my credit is updated, I hope my FICO score will change. I have credit watch with unlimited credit pulling and score watch setup to alert me by email and cell phone through Equifax. This is very exciting!

    Anyway -- thanks again for the tips and I look forward to reading all your blog entries!


    By Blogger Evan, at 8:45 PM  

  • Because of your advice, my score went up another 29 points. This is my history for the last 3 months!

    April 490
    May 523 (Up 33 points)
    June - NO CHANGE
    July 552 (Up 29 Points)
    Total Points ACCUMULATED: 62 Points in 3 months

    By Blogger Evan, at 9:19 PM  

  • 490 April
    490 to 523 May
    523 to 552 July
    552 to 562 October
    562 to 595 November

    I've earned 105 points in 7 months! I should be close to 700 by this time next year... Thanks so much for all your tips!

    By Blogger Evan, at 5:28 PM  

  • I am a mortgage broker and would be interested in learning these techniques for my clients, but due to the lack of contact information on your website, and no real accountability besides some of these comments here, I am wary about spending any money on your product. This is not a challenge in any way, I do believe there are tricks out there to increase your FICO score, and I would love to learn them, but is there anything you can do to make me feel a little more confident that this isn't just an waste of my hard earned money. Thank you,

    By Blogger alex, at 12:43 PM  

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