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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Truth About Credit Attorneys

Credit Attorneys Have Become "Disputing Companies"

Author: L. K. Hughes, Credit Repair Consultant

Have you ever been so mad at a creditor that you wanted to sue that creditor? Did you ever picture unleashing a rabid attorney that scared your arrogant creditor into submission? Well these days, attorneys have more bark than bite. They don't even really bark.

For this entry in my credit diaries I thought I'd share with you my experience with talking to four credit attorneys: Lexington Law,, Fowler and Fowler, and Baxter and Baxter. Ads about these firms are plastered all over the Internet now--at least the first three which are national, the last one is one local to the Northwest, a firm I picked out of the Yellow Pages.

As a Credit Repair Consultant I know that at some points it becomes important to challenge the creditor through the justice system. I've known people who've filed small claims suits against their creditors--big ones too--and have won their suits. I personally had an item I felt was unjust on my credit report --a thirty day late on MBNA credit card that got stuck in their phone payment system for three weeks. By the time I learned of it it took a week to get another payment off and I was stuck with a 30 day late. I was angry.

Lexington Law and are the same company, and what they do is take your money, anywhere from $40 to $140, to dispute a credit item for you! If you are familiar with credit bureaus, you can do this for free! Then I looked up Baxter and Baxter, the only company in the local phone book that deals with credit, and they didn't want to handle my case--I was 30 days late, and the phone payment system that had caused the error was a 3rd party and not MBNA! They thought the case was too complicated. Then I signed up with Fowler and Fowler, who promised to write "prove and remove" letters, and the result?

A year and three months later, the item is still on the credit report, and Fowler has supposedly sent 2 threatening letters to MBNA, the creditor, and the credit bureau.  However, MBNA merely responds with a form letter and stands firm on their ground. The credit bureau's response is "contact your lawyer". Will I hire Fowler to go to court? Will they even go to court? I suppose I could ask them, but I think not. I have ways of temporarily raising my credit score, the ones I share in my book " Improve Your Credit Score in 24 Hours".  I was able to buy an RV recently with these techniques.

Then there's always Small Claims Court. So much for attorneys.

Good luck with Improving your Credit Score!

L. K. Hughes is a Credit Repair Specialist and the author of "Improve your Credit Score in 24 Hours"


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